IT Equipment sourcing

Do you need IT equipment procurement for your company? Are you not sure how to begin the process?
IPRO offers complete IT equipment procurement services and can help you out. We offer no hassle warranties and don’t require long-term contracts. Our network expertise and industry-leading best practices comes from 17 years of experience as a full-service IT provider, so you can be sure you are getting true expert service.


IPRO is vendor-agnostic and is committed to finding the best hardware for you, whether it is from vendors like Cisco, IBM, HP, Dell, Lenevo, Canon, Microsoft, Alcatel lucent, APC, Microsoft, Oracle, Diebold Nixdorf, Apple or others. We are committed to bringing you the best technology for your specific situation as possible.
We deliver the following procurement benefits and services:
     * Authorized re-seller of major IT and computer product lines
     * Warehousing and supply chain management
     * Equipment pre-configuration
     * Competitive pricing
     * Self-service quoting and purchasing portal
IPRO puts every piece of new equipment through rigorous bench tests to ensure that you receive the highest quality technology that simply works. We also deploy your IT technology and set up your network infrastructure, extending our impeccable service directly to your place of business.

Why us?

The Whole Bag
IPRO offers complete IT solutions customized for current and mid-range goals. We offer no hassle warranties and don't require you to sign a long-term contract. Our IT network expertise, industry leading best practices and innovative methodology bring superior accountability to our services offered. IPRO helps companies of all sizes buy, configure and deploy IT Hardware & Equipment.

Competitive Pricing
At IPRO, we know that supplying and serving our customers competitively priced IT technology is key to establishing long term working relationships. Our Account Managers, expert Technicians and Engineers are standing by to help you purchase, design, deploy and customize premier brand IT network hardware equipment.

Equipment Testing
Every piece of new equipment we sell is put under load and bench testing conditions. These extensive tests and performance benchmarks are maintained by the highest quality industry leading standards. Thanks to our in-house IT engineering expertise we are able to firmly stand behind our testing, support and sales efforts.

IPRO knows that deploying the correct IT technology and network infrastructure in a cost-effective and time efficient manner will allow you and your team to concentrate on your core business goals. Feel confident with hardware that is supported by an industry leading warranty and options for ongoing support. 

Our Brands

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